What’s a Coach??? Good question.

I am a coach trained to coach anyone, however I have extra training in the world of ADHD. I have learned through training and life experience that we all have the wholeness, creativity and resourcefulness right here in ourselves. If you’re like me, you might wonder…where is it? I’m not living my life like that. Something’s missing. IT’S NOT! I can help you find it. If you or someone you know has ADHD and/or Bipolar, it’s hard to see that you are OK, just the way you are. My job is to facilitate you in learning more about yourself so you can go out into your everyday life confidently knowing you are amazing. Give it a shot.

What to look for in an ADHD Coach

The relationship between coach and client is that of a partnership. A good fit between coach and client is vital. Below are questions that can be asked of a prospective coach in determining the specifics of how the partnership will work. In asking these questions one might also be listening for the less tangible, but equally important characteristics such as style, energy and tone of the prospective coach being interviewed.

  • What can I expect from a coach and from coaching? Can the coach clearly explain what I will get from coaching?
  • What would this partnership look like? How exactly would we work together to accomplish what I need to accomplish?
  • What would an individual session look like? How, where and when would we meet – face-to-face meetings, telephone, SKYPE or email? What happens if I miss a session?
  • How much will it cost? What is the method of payment (check, credit card)? Can I access my health insurance to pay for coaching? Does the coach have a sliding fee scale?
  • Are my records and information kept confidential? Are there ever times when information about me would be shared with other professionals? Under what arrangement?
  • How long has the coach practiced? What is their experience in the coaching profession? By whom and when were they trained? Do they have a specialty: ADHD coaching, executive coaching, spiritual coaching, career coaching, life style coaching, etc.? Do they associate with other coaches belonging to coaching organizations?
  • Does this coach have specific ADHD coach training? Do they have knowledge of medications, other professionals who diagnose and treat, and relevant resources? Does the experience of this coach match my needs?
  • What else would I like to know about this coach and their work in order to discern that we might work well together? Does this coach’s philosophy, style and/or approach fit with how I believe I function best?

In choosing a coach one must be as clear as possible in stating specific needs, challenges and desired goals. The coach’s ability to listen, summarize and help in expressing this information may be a further indication of how well you might work together in partnership. It is important to choose a coach who can answer your important questions, help you clarify what you want from coaching, and be a total support and advocate.