This is my “I’m open for business” blog. It’s a beginning. January has been a month of beginnings…of finishing the projects I started during 2013. This website was one of them. It’s not completely finished. I still have a few pages on ADHD that haven’t been posted because they’re just not ready yet. I will always be adding to it so it will never be finished.

I’m a non-medicated for ADHD person who is medicated for bipolar. Bipolar meds are working like a charm and the ADHD coping skills are coming along. I’m liking the experience of finishing something. Enjoying that feeling and celebrating it is working for me. I had not make a big deal about finishing something in the past. I would tell myself “You finally finished this, you bozo, it should have been done months ago.” Do you see the difference? One celebration is probably going to bring more success than a “you bozo” will.  So I have lots of overdue things to finish. I’m going to celebrate each time I finish something. I started Spring Cleaning last month. (I know most of you in the rest of the country have been freezing your butts off, but it’s been spring-like all winter long here in California.) It’s no overnight job, but I’m finishing what I’m starting, room by room. More on that in my next blog.

I’m rolling out my website…, today. I have this website up for several reasons. I will be promoting my coaching business as a tool for some people to use to stay focused on the life they dream of so they can actually have it and more.  I’ve learned a lot going through my lifetime of battles and challenges with bipolar and ADHD and we’ll throw in some anxiety issues. You can read more about me in the “About Me” tab on this site. I hope to bring all that I know from experience and/or research to the site. I’ll continue to update with new information as I find it or experience it. I’m in this to grow, too. I have my coach who is helping me make my dreams come true. I will be blogging for the first time (a beginning). This is my first. It’ll be short this time.